Executive Director Position Job Posting


Title: Executive Director

Status: Full time, salaried

Organizational Budget: $500K – $700K

Deadline: Deadline extended until Monday, June 29th, 2015


Street Level Health Project (SLHP) is an Oakland-based non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of underserved, urban, immigrant communities in the Bay Area. Street Level is “a safety net of the safety net” and serves as an accessible entry point to health and other services for those most often overlooked and neglected, namely the uninsured, underinsured, and recently arrived. We believe that a central component to health is building strong communities and empowering low-wage workers and underserved people to access local resources and advocate for themselves. We are a grassroots organization with a busy drop-in community center environment.

Street Level seeks an Executive Director who is a dynamic and skilled public leader, a fierce advocate for low-wage workers and immigrants, and an open and compassionate community builder. The Executive Director will join SLHP at a pivotal time for immigrant rights and healthcare access movements and during an exciting period of growth for the organization. The ideal candidate will provide overall leadership, direction, and support to staff, board, and community members in order to achieve its collective vision. The Executive Director will ensure stronger relationships with key allies and collaborative partners, ongoing fundraising success, increased visibility and strength in our advocacy work, and continued passion, cooperation, and good working conditions within our organization. The Executive Director will be comfortable leading an organization that has built a strong shared leadership culture and practice among its staff and dedicated volunteers, Our organizational culture deeply values communication across the organization, inclusiveness, integrity, personal and professional growth, empowerment, social justice, creativity, initiative and collaboration.

Primary Responsibilities:

Fundraising and Communications (40%)

  • Develop and refine the organization’s fundraising activities, leading efforts to sustain the organization’s existing and future program work.
  • Diversify the revenue base and identify new sources of funding and resources to ensure long-term financial sustainability.
  • Cultivate relationships with previous, current and new potential funders.
  • Oversee all aspects of communications (website, social media, etc.) with the goal of promoting SLHP’s mission and work.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with community groups and advocacy organizations, governmental offices, and other stakeholders. Leverage relationships to open up new opportunities for Street Level and our communities.
  • Maintain a working fluency in key policy issues and relevant current events impacting SLHP’s constituency.
  • Act as an advocate for Immigrant Rights and Health Access through effective and sound messaging and media.

Leadership and Management (30%)

  • Ensure ongoing program quality, consistent program evaluation, and advocate for adequate financial and personnel capacity to sustain programmatic work.
  • Provide guidance, counsel and support to staff in developing, sustaining and refining programmatic work.
  • Work collaboratively with an engaged Board of Directors and leverage board members’ skills and resources to support fundraising, advocacy and program activities.
  • Actively nurture a work environment and organizational culture of empowerment, collaboration, personal and professional growth, direct and transparent communication, self-care and mutual support.
  • Maintain consistent and transparent systems of staff evaluation and feedback.
  • Ensure effective systems to track results, outcomes and successes used for both internal and external communications.
  • Based on member-identified priorities and in collaboration with staff, set a policy agenda and develop advocacy strategies and priorities.
  • Support growth that matches the organizational and programmatic Strategic Planning goals and ensure regular evaluation of progress toward these goals.
  • Lead the administrative team in advancing the organization’s financial and organizational goals.
  • Facilitate cross collaboration and integration between programs to further the mission and vision of SLHP.

Financial Operations and Sustainability (15%)

  • Provide fiscal oversight of the organization, including contracts, budgets, and statements of financial position. Ensure the sustainable financial health of SLHP.
  • Work with finance staff and Board Treasurer to review organizational budgets and financial statements; provide regular and transparent communication to staff and board about organizational finances.
  • Follow a budgetary process that includes ongoing assessment of budgetary goals and actual performance and adjust as needed in collaboration with staff and board.

Shared Organizational Work (15%)

  • Participate in weekly staff meetings, monthly Platica Politica discussions, monthly program and administrative meetings, and one-on-one check-ins with core staff.
  • Support and participate in Community Building events (e.g., community Christmas party, Volunteer Appreciation, Fathers’ Day celebration).
  • Help community members seeking information, assistance, referrals, etc. as needed.
  • Support SLHP staff and programs with direct services when understaffed or as needed.
  • Participate in street outreach with day laborers in Oakland.

Required Skills and Qualifications:

  • Fluent in both Spanish and English with strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Minimum of five years experience in a leadership position with supervisory and fiscal responsibility, preferably in a community-based organization.
  • Computer literacy in Microsoft Office, Quickbooks and social media.
  • Experience and skill in developing and nurturing diverse fundraising sources including grants, individual donors, government contracts, in-kind support and donations.
  • Understanding of the issues impacting diverse immigrant communities at the local, state and national level. Strong commitment to serving, empowering and advocating with and on behalf of SLHP’s low-income immigrant community base.
  • Deeply committed to our fundamental values of building relationships and trust with our community members and prioritizing a welcoming and open community space.
  • Experience working in community with individuals who are immigrants, undocumented, poor, limited/non English speakers, limited/no literacy or formal schooling, may be dealing with substance use and/or trauma, or struggling with mental health issues.
  • Adaptable communication style that is inspiring and effective at reaching a wide range of people including community members, volunteers, staff, board, funders, government officials, organizational leaders and other supporters.
  • Committed to open, direct, and non-violent communication with the ability to address conflict in a professional and timely manner. Committed to giving, receiving and valuing constructive feedback and evaluation.
  • Ability to engage and address how race, gender, class, sexuality and other systems of power and privilege affect our work, organization and communication.
  • Actively committed to staff health and wellbeing in both policy and practice, including the ability to model and encourage self-care and good boundary setting.
  • Discerning sense of how to accept or reject offers for collaborations, growth, new opportunities, etc., using our organizational vision and strategic plan as a guide.
  • Skilled at balancing guidance and problem solving support with a deep respect and support for the autonomy, decision-making and creative process of staff and their work.

Desired Skills and Qualifications:

  • Experience as an on-the-ground direct service provider.
  • Skilled and comfortable with de-escalation, mediation and crisis intervention.
  • Experience with data management and analysis, particularly with Salesforce.
  • Knowledge of community and county resources, social services and health systems.
  • Community organizing and leadership development experience in low-income immigrant communities.
  • Additional language capacities are a plus, especially Mam.

Salary, Benefits and Hours:

Compensation will be commensurate with experience and includes full benefits: sick and vacation time, medical/dental/vision coverage.

Deadline has been extended and applications will be accepted through June 29th, 2015. Please email a resume and cover letter to

Street Level strives to cultivate a staff team that reflects the communities we serve.

People of color and immigrants are strongly encouraged to apply.