Street Level Health Project

About Our Leadership & Empowerment Program

We believe that a central component to health is building strong communities and empowering low-wage workers and uninsured people to advocate for themselves and be self-sufficient. Our Leadership and Empowerment Program addresses health needs beyond clinical care.

Oakland Worker's Collective

Oakland Worker’s Collective is a group of day laborers and other low-wage workers who meet at Street Level to organize around issues facing these men. We are currently working to inform members about occupational health concerns and fight for the right to a safe and respectful workplace.  For more information or to hire workers go to To learn more about the hiring process click on the video below:

Community Connection and Resource Referrals

Health Navigation Interns connect people to resources in the community including legal, educational, social services, housing, and health services. We also make photo ID cards for Street Level members, because many of our very low-income clients need identification in order to access services outside Street Level.

We also offer free coffee, clothing distribution, and a play corner for individuals and families who are looking for a safe space to relax, meet other folks, and let their children play.

Street Outreach

Day laborers wait for informal employment on the street throughout East Oakland. Our Outreach Team engages men on the street to offer them popular education workshops on mental health, occupational health, sexual health, legal resources, and information about policies and laws that affect them.

Food Program

We believe that health begins with the basics, and that access to healthy food is a human right.

We collaborate with the food bank, local grocery stores and farmers markets to provide free healthy breakfast, lunch and food bags to the communities we serve.

Holiday Events

Every year, Street Level celebrates the holidays with our community members. Celebrations of food, dancing, games, and gifts are especially important for those in our community who live far from their families.

The holidays include:

  • Three Kings Day/ El Dia de Los Reyes
  • Mother’s Day/ El Dia de la Madre
  • Father’s Day/ El Dia del Padre
  • Day of the Dead/ El Dia de los Muertos
  • Thanksgiving/ El Dia Accion de Gracias
  • Christmas/ El Dia de Navidad