Sivan Sadeh

Health Access Program Co-Manager / Prevention Services Coordinator

Sivan joined Street Level Health Project in 2015 after spending several years collaborating with staff on other projects and being mentored by one of its founders. Previous to joining Street Level, Sivan spent five years developing and running the health access and health education program at the Day Labor Center in Hayward.  She collaborated with clinicians, student volunteers, community members and organizations in the South Bay Area to start a health screening program and to advocate for better access to health and other social services for day laborers, low wage workers and their families.  Coming from a family with a long history of immigration has contributed to her passion as an advocate and ally to underserved immigrant communities and has compelled her to continue to fight for better and more dignified access to health and social services for all members of the East Oakland community. Sivan received her B.A. from UC Berkeley in International Development Studies and is also passionate about music performance.  She has taught music to youth and performed both in the Bay Area and in Southern California.